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Bara Dockalova – the founder and director, teacher of English, teacher trainer

She graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague (teacher of English and Czech). In 2000, she took a one-year break from her studies and went to Humboldt State University, California, where she studied dramatic writing, acting, and directing. Back in Prague, she participated in a number of theatre projects, and she produced her original play Daleko od stromu (2002) with her company Divadlo Fix. She began focusing on using theatre plays with English learners during the last three years of her studies, and shared the results of her work in her master thesis Drama Project with a Mixed Ability Group (Prague, 2003). She has continued to research, write EFL scripts and produce them since then. She is a co-director of and a teacher at the California Institute of English Language and Theatre in the U. S. A. She taught the course 'Drama in the English Classroom' at the Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Education, Charles University Prague for two years, and she taught ELT methodology there as well for one year. She runs the act and speak® program at the Basic School Marjanka at Prague 6, for which she was awarded the 'Excellent Teacher' award by the Prague 6 townhall in 2008. She organizes and leads workshops for teachers. 



Michaela Lazanova - teacher of Czech as a foreign language, teacher trainer

She likes to play. She first graduated from the Bohemistics program at the Philosophical Faculty, Charles University Prague. She taught Czech as a foreign language at several language schools, and she taught Czech language and literature at Czech high schools and an English grammar school. She was constantly looking for ways of making Czech lessons more enjoyable for the students, and that is also why she entered another university program: creative drama at the DAMU, which she completed first with a bachelor and then with a master's degree. In her free time she takes part in reciting festivals, both as a participant (Šrámkova Sobotka, Wolkrův Prostějov, Valašské Meziříčí...) and as a judge (Pražské poetické setkání, Dětská scéna); she participates in theatre sports both as a player (KoPřIVA and OtISk teams) and as a coach (StřeLi team), and she creates various drama in education projects. She enjoys working with both children and adults in a way that allows them to play as much as possible while learning.


 Laura Rubini – teacher of Italian

She comes from Verona, Italy. She studied Spanish, Italian and German in Nürnberg, Germany. She has been living in Prague and teaching Italian since 1999. Since 2007, she collaborates with Jeviste. She has completed The Introduction to act and speak seminar. She is the author of two Italian-teaching plays:   La Vacanza ane Tremate, tremate, le streghe son tornate!. She completed a three-term course Drama for the Contemporary School organized by Sdružení pro tvořivou dramatiku. She is a co-founder of an Italian theatre company in Prague.


Frantisek Chlan - teacher of English at the Marjanka elementary school

Eva Ruzickova - teacher of English at the Marjanka elementary school

Monika Glinska - teacher of English at the Marjanka elementary school



Patrick Ryan

Jat Dhillon

Bethany Adams

Melanie Rada