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Kurz pro děti z 5. - 8. tříd

Po dlouhé odmlce se vrací detektivní hra s písničkami The Robber! Zkoušky každý čtvrtek odpoledne. Více ZDE.

Písničky do hodin angličtiny

Jste-li učitelé nebo rodiče, možná se vám bude hodit několik našich dětských písniček na výuku angličtiny. U některých videí najdete v popisu i tipy pro práci s nimi.

What Are You Doing

Good Morning, Hello

Let's Hop

Školní rok 2016-17

V tomto školním roce nepořádá Jeviště žádné kurzy. Velice se omlouváme všem zájemcům a těšíme se na setkávání v dalších letech.

Kurz pro dospělé 2015

Letos začínáme 22. září a scházet se budeme opět v pondělí od 18:15 do 19:45 v ZŠ Kladská. Noví zájemci vítáni! Více ZDE.

Creating original plays with students

A seminar with Prof. John Heckel, Ph. D., from Humboldt State University, California. The seminar will take place in Prague, February 14 - 16., 2014. Please write to bara.dockalova@jeviste.cz for more information.

Zobrazit všechny

The currently available act and speak® playscripts:


TitleAuthorFocusAge# of pagesPrice in CZK
Make or Do? Bara Dockalova make x do adults 2 180
The Intermission Bara Dockalova present continuous


high school

2 180
The Tape Bara Dockalova say x tell x speak x talk


high school

2 180
Set Adrift Katrina Emery conditionals (all types)


high school

3 180
Private Time Bara Dockalova various past tenses


high school

5 180


Title Author #of actors
#of minutes
Synopsis Price in CZK
The New Story Bara Dockalova
 11 - 25
 6-8 Cinderella, her prince, Hansel, Gretel and other fairy tale characters set on a journey to people's land in order to find a writer who would write new adventures for them. They don't find any writer on the train, in the restaurant, at the doctor's, not even in a bookstore. But just as they decide to go back home, they meet a small child...
The Circus Bara Dockalova
 10 - 12
Circus Brown doesn't have a very good reputation and the tickets don't sell. No wonder: the ringmaster is not very friendly, the artists argue among each other, and the lion tamer is scared of the lion. While they are trying to resolve their problems, a young princess secretely sneaks out of the castle to go and see the circus show...
The Island Bara Dockalova, Bethany Adams
 11 - 25
 45  7-12 For years and years, the captain and his pirates have been searching for the mysterious island Kamehamehan to dig out a golden treasure. According to the legends told by the captain's ancestors, it is supposed to be the most precious and rare gold in the world. Meanwhile in a faraway land, a princess is sick and no one knows how to cure her. But her hopes raise when a strange doctor appears and tells her about a magic bird that lives on an island and whose song can heal any illness. The princess and her nurse set out for a dangerous journey to the island. In the meantime, two children from the island tribe are sent to the magic bird to make up for their mischief. But things get complicated when all three parties meet on the island...
The Magic Spring Bara Dockalova
 10  20  6-12 A long time ago, Jim's Grandmother met a little elf who told her about a magic liquid springing from a rock. But did it really happen? Jim believes the story, but his classmates call him a baby and his teacher supports them. Jim and his sister Tippy decide to go to the mountains and look for the elves.
A Special Present Bara Dockalova  7  30 6-12 Two sisters, Jenny and Jessica, are not going to get a present this year. They fight all the time and they are nasty to their parents. However, when Santa's helpers find out about it, they disagree: every child should get at least one present at Christmas. They finally manage to convince Santa to change his mind. But it's too late, there is no present. What to do? And then one of the elves gets a crazy and scary idea... 
The Robber Bara Dockalova  8 - 13
 45 12-16 A mysterious robber is confusing the New York police. The same fingerprints every time, but a completely different look! And he or she always robs the Capital Bank. Detective Green is surely on the right track, if only he didn't have to work together with that woman from the FBI... And what does all this have to do with Jamie and Sara, two homeless friends who suddenly appear in a restaurant with a five-hundred dollar bill?



Plays for reading are designed for students who enjoy practicing their English through acting in character but that would not feel comfortable about an actual play production. The students can read in character while remaining at their desks or performing some minimum physical action.

TitleAuthorFocusAge# of pagesPrice in CZK
The Courtroom Katrina Emery, 
Bara Dockalova
a complete revision of tenses


high school

12 180

If you want to read a sample page from any of the titles, please send an email to bara.dockalova@jeviste.cz.